Paolina. 20. U.S. Huge fanatic over Bones. Can't get enough of this show, it has become a huge part of my life♥ I ship Booth and Brennan like it was my own relationship haha I wish :P Every time I'm sad this show always puts a smile on my face, oh and gets me hyper:) So if your a Bonehead get to know me. I won't judge your craziness :D ♥Bones forever♥


♥ I seriously LOVE MY SHOW (BONES) ♥

And people say that Booth and Brennan don’t have sex a lot. Umm then why did they bring up the “TUB” :D. this episode just proved you wrong. Your argument is invalid lol


I fall in love with this show every time we have a new episode. I loved it tonight as always!!!